Magic Woman ~ 1 Day Ceremonial Immersion

Awakening The Goddess
Egyptian Blue Lotus & Avalon Rose

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Once upon a time, we were witches, oracles and healers, well maybe. Perhaps we were just women who held magic in our hearts, wisdom etched in our bones and passionate love in our bodies.

  • We understood the power of healing, elemental medicine, and connection, community and Country.
  • We recognized that; silence, words and dreams held ancient codes that would connect us to the entire universe.
  • We knew that our wombs were the Alters that seeded the miracle of humanity.
  • We believed that, to truly love, is to accept that death is inevitable and that our connection exists beyond time and space.
  • We are temples of incarnate stars, a bridge where human meets divine'.

For all the magical women who long to connect deeper, weave ancient tales, tell stories, heal trauma imprints, eat delicious high vibe food, laugh, cry, unapologetically dance to the beat of their own drum, connect to self love practices and revive the ancient practices of embodiment in modern living.

We invite you to join us.

We will explore feminine principles of ‘womb medicine’ along with masculine foundations of ‘seed consciousness’ to create balance in your inner and outer lives while reclaiming your unique voice-strength-mission and life purpose, with clarity, confidence and vision!!

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You will receive 2 Ancient Healing Flower Deva Medicine


  • The Rose - The Earth Mother (Inner World)
  • Exploration Of The Erotic Heart. Inner Union, Intimacy, Sensuality, & Self Love. Connection to the Earth Heart.
  • Blue Lotus - Cosmic Universe (Outer World)
  • Healing Old Ancestral Wounding. Recognising Mental Blocks, Patterns, Programs, Stories and Self Limiting Beliefs. Connection to Self Awareness.
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  • Feminine Gnosis and the art of deep Surrender.
  • Activating your voice through the Sword of Truth.
  • Our Body as a pathway of wisdom
  • Overcoming Trans-generational Trauma
  • Overcoming Fear, and Reclaiming our Desires.
  • Deep Devotional Practice and Self Love Tools
  • Self Acceptance, Self Love & Self Respect-Honour
  • Owning Inner Authority-Muse
  • Allowing Access to Fully Expressed Creativity
  • The Art of Womanhood: Emotional alchemy, Intuitive flow, and Embodiment Practice
  • Rites of Passage/Passion: Cycle of Life, Death & Rebirth.
  • Aligning to Life Purpose
  • Dropping into the ‘feeling body’ without the ‘thinking mind’.
  • Exploring & Redefining the Sisterhood Creed

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  • A Delicious plate of Vegetarian Food for Lunch
  • Roses, flowers or plants
  • An item for the alter (you can take this back home).
  • A musical instrument if you feel called.
  • Blanket and Pillow
  • Essential Oils
  • A notepad and pen (if desired)

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know. Surrender ‘control’, and pay close attention to the magic weaving itself inside the four corners of your life ~ God-ESS works in patterns.

Melbourne, it’s time to gather in tribes, flocks and communities as empowered women of the grail.

Our Chalices abundant, fertile, loving and primordial.

Put the date in: 4:09:2022
Excited to be with you in circle Limited to 12 women

Deep bows, Mary Mikhael

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